Experienced Commercial Lawyers
What We Do for Our Clients and their Businesses:
We take a holistic approach to our clients’ businesses and transactions,
focusing first on gaining a thorough understanding of their objectives.  
We find that, when we fully understand a client’s motivations for
considering a given transaction, we can often offer creative strategies
that enhance the client’s profitability and ensure long-term sustainable
success.  Thus, our aim is not only to negotiate and prepare thorough
and accurate transaction documents, but also to make certain our
clients benefit as much as possible from the structure of the
transaction itself.
About Us:
We are experienced commercial lawyers, specializing in corporate law,
aviation, mergers & acquisitions, real estate, lending/leasing
transactions and litigation.  Based in Dallas, Denver, Miami and the    
U.S. Virgin Islands, we have a large-firm scope coupled with a
small-firm customer service mentality.
The right experience
makes all the
Who We Are: